Trail Tote Bag

I got this awesome fabric as a remnant randomly, because I thought the fabric looked cool. I had no purpose in mind, but I needed it. It was just under a yard, and I knew I didn’t want to make a garment out of it.

I decided to make a bag with it. I’ve been using a clutch for a while because it can fit in a diaper bag easily. But I’ve recently run into a few situations where it would’ve been easier to have something slightly bigger and that I could wear. So my qualifications were: Free (I’m an inexperienced bag maker), somewhat small, and preferably cross-body. I actually came up with a bunch of patterns, but one called out to me more than the others. The Trail Tote.

I ended up liking it quite a bit! I used some green canvas I have had for years for the lining, and a corresponding purple for the inner pocket (which is surprisingly hard to get a picture of…and is also on a little crooked so I didn’t try too hard). I had a tiiiiiiiiiny remnant of a bright pink quilting cotton that I opted to use for the exterior zipped pocket. I already had the magnet and zipper on hand, surprisingly. The one change I made was that I opted to not include the piping.

The thing I didn’t have readily available was a strap. I didn’t really want to have the full patterned fabric as a strap, nor the not-quite-matching canvas. TO THE AMAZONS! I bought this kit, because I was teetering on the edge of having the strap removeable before I had chosen the pattern. But what I didn’t intend was for me to really like the strapping it came with. It’s hefty but still somewhat soft.

Once I used the bag for a day, I determined that I needed another small wallet-type thing to float around the bottom. I’ve got a lot of gift cards that I don’t keep in my wallet because I like to have just the bare essentials in there. So I found a random business-card-holder pattern/tutorial and I winged it from sight.

It’s not the BEST but it holds my cards, my mail keys, and my emergency pill case. It matches and it was quick, so it’s got that going for it. Next time I make myself a new bag, I’ll try again for another matching one.


I really freaking like this bag. And I’m in love with a couple other patterns by the same designer…so you might be seeing more bags in my future!

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