Tuesday Queuesday – Fezziwig

It’s Tuesday Queuesday! Don’t know what that is? I don’t blame you, we just made it up! In these posts we’ll talk about our plans for future projects. A place to gather thoughts and figure things out.

I have knit an ungodly number of yards of yarn since I started knitting in 2010, but never have I ever knit an adult-sized sweater. I’ve got some body image nonsense wrapped up in making clothes for myself, that I’ll maybe unpack for you guys someday, but I’m not quite ready to touch that in such a public forum. For the time being, it’s fall, I love sweaters, and I really want a cozy sweater coat this season. I’m resolved to finally DO THE THING.

  • Pattern: Fezziwig, my project page
  • Date queued: Never? I use my queue very specifically
  • Yarn required: 900 – 1976 yards (bust sizes 32″, 34″, 38″, 42″, 46″, 50″)
  • Yarn purchased: Cascade Eco+, Turtle, 6 skeins (2868 yards)
  • Difficulties forseen:
    • Sizing – I chose size 42″ to give me some positive ease, as depicted in the pattern photos, but no guidance is given on intended ease
      • I also am very much larger in the hips than the bust, and I don’t want any unseemly sausage casing effects to occur
      • AND I’m very tall, so the shaping in the pattern needs to hit me at my round bits
    • Nerves, as briefly mentioned above. I’ll be combating this by pretending for the rest of the time I’m knitting it, that this sweater is for Debbie. That includes on the blog.

Gauge Swatches:

First things first, I had planned to hold an amazing blackened berry tweed yarn double for this project, but I realized during the planning process that I only had about 2000 yards. I could have knit the 38″ size, but not the 42″ size and I definitely wanted positive ease. So the first swatches I did were out of a single strand of “Aran” weight tweed, and they were pretty lackluster. I tried on needle sizes 10.5 and 10 and still hated the fabric in the end. It was completely lifeless, which I did not care for. PLUS, I didn’t even get remotely close to gauge. You can see in the photo, the contrast between yarns is ludicrous.

So the second option was to bust into my stash that was planned for my Rowe. Taking after Debbie (which, let’s be honest, I often do,) I purchased Cascade Eco+ on a Craftsy sale, and bought enough (BILLIONTY) yardage for Rowe. So I was reluctant to use it for this project but I did anyway, and I don’t currently regret it! I can always find something else for Rowe, and there will always be more colors of Cascade in the future. And with the advent of Ravelry, it will be pretty easy to de-stash any leftover skeins of the Eco+.  I swatched with two needle sizes, just for symmetry. After washing, the size 10.5 (bottom right) swatch is bang on for gauge. Winner!

Final decision? Cascade Eco+ in Turtle, on size 10.5 needles. Stitch count for the 42″ bust. For Debbie.