Tuesday Queuesday – Jillian (NOT Julissa)

So I’ve made a Julissa, and a Julissa-based tunic. So of course, every time I refer to the pattern that I’m making next, I say Julissa. When really, it’s Jillian. Why I can’t tell the two names apart, I do not know why. Amanda really takes pleasure in it every time I screw it up too, so it’s even more embarrassing 😉

Anyways, it’s time for Jillian!

  • Pattern: Jillian, Project Page
  • Date queued: March 3, 2016
  • Yarn required: 1055 – 1565 yards, to fit 35″ (38″, 41″, 44″, 47″, 50″) chest circumference
  • Yarn stashedBlack Trillium Merilon Sock in Marcia, Lightning Bug, and Inkwell
  • Difficulties foreseen:
    • Pooling on the blue. It’s got some darker bits and on my non-alternating swatch it striped up beautifully. If only there were no increases in sweaters, it’d be fine. But I alternated for my US4 swatch and while there is some pooling, I think the increases will help.
    • Fit – I’m going to be casting on for 35″ and then increasing to 38″. Maybe. After Maritime I said I need to go down a size. Maybe I should follow my own advice…
    • Weirdness with the colors – I’m going Blue/Green/Black, so hopefully having a lime green belly isn’t TOO weird.

© Nicole Montgomery

So it’s kinda a fun story about the stash for this sweater. I bought it specifically for this sweater on Yarn Train 2016. When I went to put it in my stash, I realized that I already had a skein of the exact same yarn in the exact same color blue. Why, you may ask? Because I bought it on Yarn Train 2013. I made a Boob Hugger, Kraken, and a Grumpasauraus with it. At least I know I like the color! 😀


Gauge in pattern is 22 sts x 35 rows = 4″ x 4″ on US3.

My US3 swatch ended up with 22 sts x 35 rows = 3.5″ x 4″. Row gauge surprisingly on-point, but stitch gauge too small.

Bumped it up to US4 and ended up with the correct stitch and row gauge. So weird. The fabric is airier but very lightweight. It should make for a good spring/fall sweater, especially with the shorter sleeves.