Tuesday Queuesday – Mike’s Next Sweater (part 2)

It’s Tuesday Queuesday! Don’t know what that is? I don’t blame you, we just made it up! In these posts we’ll talk about our plans for future projects. A place to gather thoughts and figure things out.

We have a winner for Mike’s next sweater: Marcel. He’s been wearing the crap out of Emilien the last couple of weeks, so I’m really excited to get going on this.

  • Pattern: Marcelproject page
  • Date queued: Nov 16th, 2016
  • Yarn required: 1148 – 1859 yards, Finished bust circumference 35.5 (37.75 – 41.25 – 49.5 – 53.5)”
  • Yarn purchased: Cascade 220 Superwash – 1946, 8 skeins, 1760 yards.
  • Needle size: US7 for body, US6 for ribbing.
  • Difficulties foreseen:
    • Not many, this time.
    • Doing size 41.25″ for a bit of positive ease.
    • The shoulder shaping is interesting (read through the pattern last night!), but should work fine.
    • I’ve never done a short row top down cap sleeve before, so it’ll be a first for me.
    • Gauge shouldn’t be a problem since the designer used 220SW. <3
  • Modifications?
    • I am going to do a tubular CO and BO (sleeve, shawl collar), because it just looks super professional.

Gauge swatch:

Long tail CO 26 sts. Knit 5 rows (3 garter ridges), stockinette for 26 rows (including 7 knits on the WS to indicate needle size), knit 5 rows (3 garter ridges), bound off knitwise on the WS.

I didn’t manipulate my swatch in any way. Just rinsed with cold water, and pressed the excess out with a microfiber cloth. The results are promising.

Row Gauge: 26 rows = 4"

Row Gauge: 26 rows = 4″

My row gauge is on point.

Stitch Gauge: 19 sts = 4"

Stitch Gauge: 19 sts = 4″

My stitch gauge is almost exact – probably 19.25 stitches if you want to get super specific.

This sweater will likely never be blocked, just thrown in the washer and dryer. 220SW, I love you so much, please never change.