Tuesday Queuesday – Mike’s Next Sweater

It’s Tuesday Queuesday! Don’t know what that is? I don’t blame you, we just made it up! In these posts we’ll talk about our plans for future projects. A place to gather thoughts and figure things out.

Since Ranger didn’t work out, the next project I’m queuing up is another sweater for Mike.

I have the absolute freedom of choosing a pattern before yarn is purchased, but I’m still wanting to keep to worsted weight patterns. There is a bulky weight pattern he likes (Tamarack), but I think it would be a little too warm.

Patterns that are contenders:

That is entirely too many options for Mike though. I would really love to do Ranger in the right size, but if he decides on one of the others, I might just do that for myself :D.

I went to a new LYS this weekend, The Nifty Knitter. There were a lot of very soft things to touch, but I was *of course* pulled towards Cascade. Every store I go into, Cascade is the first thing to draw my attention. Darn you, soft workhouse yarn that can be used for anything!

While the dark grey was the first color I was drawn to, I am actually thinking the lighter grey would be nicer. His Emilien is in 220sw and is dark grey and blue. Though maybe a teal could be nice? Options, options, always too many options.

220-sw-silver-heather      220-sw-teal