Unboxing! Brother SM8270 Sewing Machine

All of my friends are enablers. In the best way, of course. A few not-so-subtle “You should sew too!” later, this arrived at my door.

I was itching to open it, and did so right away. Patience is a virtue I do not have (seriously I waited all weekend for the package and it was torture).

The Costco package came with so many accessories. I don’t know how many is standard, but I found myself asking people with more knowledge than me wtf some of the stuff was for. And that was after reading the whole user manual.

The machine itself is quite pretty too.

Mike and I had gone to Joann’s in advance armed with coupons and grabbed some fabric and supplies. I had found some free patterns online and just sorta jumped right in.

And because I just had to try the embroidery…

I can’t be trusted with anything.