Walk the Plank PJ Pants

I decided to be a bit of a goofball this year and make Mike and I matching PJ pants. We pretty much live in PJ pants when we’re at home and can always use a few more pairs. Good news was that Patterns for Pirates released another awesome free pattern for just this – Walk the Plank. They’re pretty much the exact same style as what Mike wears from Kohls, so I figured they’d be a winner.

As per usual though, I cannot leave well enough alone. Well, this is partially due to Mike, and also my penchant for modifying patterns… These pants need pockets, dangit! There’s a hack on the P4P blog for patch pockets, but I hate patch pockets with a passion. (Put anything in one. Sit down. Watch it slide right out of your pocket.) All his current pants have inseam pockets, so I decided to inseam pockets! (Tutorial here!)

I had measured both of us to find our appropriate sizes. All following measurements are “ish”s in which I mean I wasn’t super careful about them and just wanted a rough estimate. The pants have plenty of positive ease so a half inch here or there wouldn’t really make a difference.

– Hip: 39
– High Hip: 31

– Hip: 46
– High Hip: 42

This puts Mike in a two sizes: Medium hip and Extra Small high hip. I’m in XXL hip, XL high hip.

Because I don’t really have much woven material at all, I went out and happened upon a great sale at Joann’s in which I got this adorable Snuggle flannel for 2.49/yard. I got the whole bolt (8 yards) because I have no self control. Even with plenty of yardage to work with, the pattern calls for around 3 yards for full length pants! I didn’t want to risk making the wrong size and have to completely rip out to adjust, so I opted for trying out the shorts length in my hip size of XXL.

The result was some pretty impressive almost MC Hammer-ish shorts. They were laughably large before the elastic (I really did laugh when I held them up) and still ridiculously huge after. They stuck away from my body in a very non-pleasing manner, and I was immediately glad I had only made shorts.

The upside was that my pocket mod worked freaking fabulously, and really didn’t make it any more difficult to make. I’ve done in seam pockets before and it actually went a bit easier this time.

Mike 1

Next up was a muslin pair for Mike. I didn’t want to use the good fabric, because what is he going to do with PJ shorts, and I still wasn’t sure on his size. Due to my hip size being way off to the fit I was looking for, I opted to try out a size Small for him. I used an old jersey sheet I had laying around, whose print lent itself to PJ pants pretty spectacularly. I went for a 33″ inseam because I didn’t want to risk them being too short and could hem to whatever length he needed.

They worked out pretty well. The only thing he would like to be different was to have the elastic not be so tight. No problem…for the next pair. The way these are constructed, I’d have to take the whole waist apart to do that. I’ll just hope it stretches out in the wash 🙂

Mike 2 (and technically 3…)

Next next up was another pair for Mike. With the mostly-success of the muslin, I went out and bought (on a GREAT sale) some Sew Lush fleece from Joann’s. Mike was honestly surprised at how soft it was when I got home! It really is just a great snuggle-able fabric.

I didn’t make any adjustments to his pattern for these (besides the requested lengthening of elastic), especially considering I hadn’t hemmed the first pair yet (whoops). Working with the fleece was a bit of a headache, if only because it looked like a snowstorm erupted in my sewing room. Fluff. Everywhere.

Because of the difference in fabrics, this pair was actually a bit too small. Wearable, but I was worried he’d blow out the back seam when sitting…so I made him another pair in the next size up (Medium) and will do so on all following pairs.

Mike Final!

Now it was time to do the last pair for Mike… out of the original bear fabric!

I waited until I knew his desired inseam length for these though, so I would use as little fabric as possible. Turns out the 32″ inseam with a 1″ hem is correct, so it was off to the races to get more pairs done.

Me 1…2 and 3

Remember way back when (are you still reading?), I said the whole goal of this was to make matching pants for us? Well yup, that meant another three pairs but for ME!

After the XXL size was way, way off…I decided to go down to the XL size for the first pair. I usually measure an L/XL with P4P patterns, but I figured I’d stay on the safe side and try the XL first.

Wanting to get the second snowstorm out of the way, I went with the fleece first. This was also because the fleece was the smallest of the ones I made for Mike. If the XL was still a bit big in them, I’d go down for the other pairs.

Turns out XL was right, but I needed to take in the elastic. I had accidentally cut too long (XXL’s instead of XL’s) elastic, and 3″ is a big difference. I tried to put in an emergency drawstring, just opening up the seam at the front, but it was meh. In the end I used the leftover elastic I had from cutting all the pairs and threaded it through in front of the sewn-in-place elastic. It’s a big small now, as I didn’t have too much left over…but they’re still quite comfy. To keep the elastic from rolling, I just did another seam all the way around, approximately midway up the band. It works.

My other pairs got 34″ elastic, because it sits low on my hips and I really just don’t want them to fall off.

Thankfully that was the last mod I had to make, and the last two pairs flew through the machines!

All pairs!

Now we can be ridiculously matchy-matchy. Isn’t that the best? 😛