When good projects go bad…

Not every project is going to turn out good. It’s a very important detail of crafting. Sometimes you’re going to put a lot of time and energy into something, and it’s going to go wrong. It’s just going to happen!

I’ve been knitting long enough to have more than my fair share of failed projects. I’d just like to share a few – take solace in the fact that even seasoned knitters (sewists and spinners too) just can’t make something work.

Pattern: Hideaway

hideaway failWhat went wrong:

I got an inch or so past the armpits and tried it on. It was huge. Like, huge huge. Comically large. Just, totally, unworkably, large. I couldn’t figure out if it gauge, size, or pattern issues…or some combination of all. The pattern also called for casting on way too many stitches under the armpit. Ease is good and all, but it was just out of hand.

Why not try again?

I turned out to not really like the texture all that much, and I figured I could use the yarn for something else that I’d like more. There would’ve been a lot of math needed and I just didn’t want to.


Pattern: Summer Dawn

What went wrong:

Horrible. Terrible. No good, very bad cardigan.

summer dawn fail…What can I say about this that isn’t horribly mean? There isn’t really a lot. The pattern itself was written very very poorly. I had to completely re-write it in excel, but the sample FO was so pretty I just had to keep going. Just goes to show how much you can be swayed by pretty colors…

In the end it just came back to a sizing issue. It was very, very large. I frogged and went down multiple sizes. Then I got all the way down to the ribbed hem and realized I could not make it work. It was just all wrong.

Why not try again?

It wasn’t worth it. The cabling was beautiful but after being mad at it for so long, I just couldn’t put more heart into it. Summer’s Dawn was Doomed.

Pattern: Nennir

What went wrong?

Horrible yarn/pattern combination. It was for a KAL and I was trying to stashbust.

Why not try again?

I didn’t want to go buy another skein of fingering weight yarn for a project that I was probably never going to actually wear as an FO. Just sat out the KAL.

nennir fail

Pattern: Soli Deo Gloria Lace Shawl

What went wrong?

I got to the second to last color out of my gradient set and did some knitting math to see how many stitches I had gotten out of the first three skeins. Turns out there was no way I would be able to finish the shawl with the yarn left. *sigh*

Why not try again?

I did! Yay! Sometimes things just don’t work out and it’s nobody’s fault. There is just literally no way this pattern would’ve fit this gradient kit. So I found another pattern from the same designer and I made another very, very beautiful shawl.

Lydia's Dancing Lace Shawl

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