WIP Wednesday – A New Hat Design Collaboration

A couple months ago, friend-of-the-blog Ari over at Tell Tale Yarn Co announced she would be debuting a new worsted weight yarn to add to her line.  At the time, it was the end of August, I was ready for fall to come so I could break out my heavier handknits, and I was dreaming of cozy cables to wrap up in this winter.  I had just swatched an idea on some worsted weight yarn I had in stash for a design, so when I saw her post about the new yarn, I knew I had to ask if she wanted to do a collaboration.  She did!

I asked her to choose one of her colorways that she thought would look great as a cabled hat.  She listed a few she thought would work, I told her, “It’s really totally up to you,” and we left it at that.

Fast forward a while and I got a package in the mail last week with a beautiful skein of Windswept Worsted in her Oyster colorway.  I wanted to swatch immediately, but I forced myself to finish my Exploration Station first (FO post to come!), since I need it for the expo this weekend.  I finally was able to swatch, I blocked my swatch like a good little knitter, and I was super happy with the result.

Cable swatch

I took this quickly before work on a rainy day; sorry it’s so low-fi.


A couple days of mathing, planning, and charting later, I have finally been able to cast on!  I am really loving how this yarn is knitting up and I’m excited to see the cables take shape.


Lately, I have been feeling inspired by the idyllic winter day, curling up in front of the fire with a hot mug of coffee watching snow fall outside.  I imagine large, cozy, perhaps chunky knits.  Plenty of cables, things I can wrap around my neck multiple times, big blankets to snuggle under, and long garments that keep my butt warm.

I rarely knit with anything heavier than fingering weight, but I have been having the urge to knit–and especially design–with heavier stuff.  I ordered some of the new bulky yarn from KnitPicks, Wonderfluff, to play with.  I’m imagining a slip-stitch cowl pattern (I ordered two colors), but I’ll see what comes to mind when it arrives.  Look for a review of it here on the blog later, too.

For now, back to cabling between show prep!