WIP Wednesday – Elis

I don’t like to have a lot of active in-progress projects, because very little progress gets made on each project individually, and they start to pressure me, and I lose focus and blah blah blah.  What I do really like to do is have one “home” project and one “train” project. I ride public transportation to and from work, so I like to have one type of project on the go for that, and something different for catching up on my Netflix queue.

My current train project is a lovely cowl that I am very close to finishing:

It’s a really fun and quick knit. I think anything with mini-skeins is fast, because it’s very satisfying. Like finishing a bunch of mini-projects. The Indian Cross-Stitch is a new technique for me, and I enjoyed learning and and I’m seriously looking forward to seeing it blocked. As is, the cowl is very thick and puffy feeling from the loose stitches.

What I like about this project for the train is that I can set it down at any point in a row and pick it up at any point in a row and, with minimal effort, figure out where I am and what I’m doing. It isn’t the complexity of the knit that dictates which projects go on the train, it’s the logistical questions. If I have to get off the train in the middle of a row, will that be okay; how many balls of yarn am I juggling; how large is the overall garment? This is ideal because it’s boring enough that I wouldn’t necessarily elect to knit it at home, but I can make steady progress on an understated accessory while trapped on public transportation.