WIP Wednesday – Guernsey Cowl

So this week’s WIP is stash-based. I picked a yarn and went from there. It’s something I’m going to have to start doing for a while, since Yarn Train will be my next purchasing foray.

I stared down my stash in terms of “what do I need for BINGOMG” and came up with “blue” and this beautiful destash from pokdej:

I bought it from her forever ago (years?) and have just been holding on to it. It’s too pretty. But now it’s finally going to be something! But what?

It took a while, but I finally came up with a mishmash of patterns that I think will show off the gradient-y-ness of the yarn, but also be something I will use (unlike this). I’m taking the stitch-count of the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl (Joji is love, Joji is life) and some of the texturing from the BT Guernsey Wrap to make a long, textured tube.

My excellent Paint skillz put to work shows approximately what I’ll have:

The color changes are happening on the knit (black) rows in between the purl (colored) rows so they don’t have weird color change purl bumpies. There are three larger sections per color, with the beginning and end being ribbed. It’s pretty mindless, but is working up very beautifully.

Each color is going to be around 4.5″ long, so while the paint mockup looks super long, it’s going to be a good size. For comparison, 3 Color Cashmere is 202 rows long, and this will be 285.

Color 1 in progress

On to color two

This actually might end up as the Selfish Square because hnngg it’s so soft and squishy and I am a hoarder of scarves.