WIP Wednesday – Mama Vertebrae

So it’s too late for a Tuesday Queuesday – mostly because I started this project last Friday.  It’s the last sweater I’m doing for the 5 sweater square of BINGOMG (Updates 1, 2, 3).

Modified raglan increases because kfbs are crap.

Post-sleeve-split try-on. Hyphen-hyphen.

Full length.

I have a lot to say about this pattern, and none of it is good. I’d say I was tricked out of $4, but in reality I just paid the Idiot Tax. Here I was thinking it was a well-written pattern, mostly due to numerous good FO’s. I’m very disappointed but I’m sure the end result will be good as well. I discuss further on my project page (you must be a Ravelry member to see) but basically just be warned on this pattern.

The only tiny plus with this is also one of it’s cons: It’s written for four different yarn weights. So if you’re feeling cheap and only want to pay $4 for a badly written pattern in four weights instead of $5-7 per weight, go ahead. It takes around an hour to re-write for your chosen weight and size, if you’re up to it.

I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. There are far better written open front cardigans out there.