WIP Wednesday – NaKniSweMo Ranger

It’s officially over a week into NaKniSweMo, so of course I am on day three. Had to finish Rowe, and then I did the soap sweaters, and then a cowl for my momma, and THEN started on Ranger. Whoops?

  • PatternRanger, Project Page
  • YarnKnitted Wit Worsted SW Merino in Black Forest
  • Size: 38
  • Needle size: US7 for ribbing, US8 for body
  • Difficulties foreseen:
    • Size – Mike’s chest is ~38″, and this project is supposed to have 3″ positive ease. But he doesn’t really like super baggy things…and I probably don’t have enough yarn to do it bigger.
    • Yarn – I might not have enough, with only 1400 to work with. Technically the specs say 1390 for the smallest size, but… Cutting it a bit close.

The standard NaNoWriMo daily progress report is 1667 words a day. If you can get that in, you can finish in 30 days. Since I started a week into the month, I have to get in 2083 stitches in every day to finish 50k in November. I did the math on Ranger, using gauge for the “knit until n inches” sections, and it is 63776(ish) stitches for the smallest size. To finish that in November, I’ll have to knit 2657 stitches a day.

Good news though, I’m already 9828 stitches in after 2 days of knitting. One sleeve is done, the second is on its way.


Now excuse me, I have some knitting to do.