WIP Wednesday – Rowe (Update 1)

With Lilli Pilli done (and not blocked, tsk tsk), I’ve started Rowe back up again. Tuesday Queuesday for Rowe here.

I’m being a bit of a brat on Ravelry with Rowe. I haven’t officially put in my start date, though I will, in time. Instead I’m keeping track of the number of “days” I’ve worked on it. Every “day” is ~8 hours (working on it solely during the workday) and I’m counting any time in which it’s actively on my desk to be knit as time knitting on it. For instance, right now is counting as active knitting time on it, because unfortunately there isn’t a really awesome device that will count any time you are actually knitting. Boo.

The reason for this is that I don’t want this project to be one of those start-date to end-date super long projects, and to think it took all that time to do it. I want to really know how much time was spent on it. And that really should include time that I randomly just go and spend on Ravelry instead of knitting. But not time that I am at home and it’s a half-mile away at work. You get me?

Anyways I’m at 40 hours of active knitting and I’ve got 40 rows left of the Left Front to do. Chugging along nicely, if I do say so myself.