WIP Wednesday – Rowe (Update 3)

As of writing this, I am officially up to 65 hours on Rowe exclusively. I’m already 1 full repeat of the side chart for the back. Each side chart is 36 rows long, the center chart is 64. The back is to be the same lengths as the fronts, so I’m going until row 18 of the third repeat on the side chart. So if my math is right, I’ve only got 48 rows left. Which seems super wrong, but those 48 rows are going to take 4 hours of straight work so maybe that seems right? Every row is taking around 5 minutes, but I find that I’m putting it down frequently to rest so Maybe I’ll get to the armhole shaping by EOD tomorrow. Maybe.


It’s finally starting to look like a sweater 😀


bein artsy

Unblocked sleeves are pretty