WIP Wednesday – Signature Non-Stripes

As I mentioned in in my post When You Didn’t Know a Color Was Your Color, I am knitting a solid version of the Signature Stripes v-neck pullover by Amy Miller.  I don’t really wear stripes, but I like the fit of her version of the classic v-neck, so I opted to knit the pattern without the stripes using SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in their Evergreen colorway.

This sweater is constructed in the round from the bottom up, with the front and back worked flat once you reach the underarms, then the sleeves are knit bottom up in the round and set in and seamed.  This is not my first bottom up sweater, but it will be my first time seaming sleeves in knitting.  I have done it on dresses with my sewing machine, but I’m worried the knit-seaming version will be harder.  One step at a time, though.  I’ll get there eventually and figure it out when I do!

My boyfriend has been out of town this week, so I have been able to get some solid blocks of knitting in after work.  It has been amazingly relaxing to veg out in front of the TV for several hours, and surprisingly productive considering how much knitting I have gotten done.  I finished the in-the-round portion of the body last Wednesday or Thursday and started the back.  Since I had been just going round and round working even for so long, I forgot what size I was knitting when I got to the back.  It was late, I was tired, and I picked the wrong size’s numbers to read.  I ended up figuring it out after I had finished the prescribed number of decreases and still had way too many stitches.  I had read one size down, so I spent a while ripping back and was back on track within an hour.  Last night, I finished the second side of the front, finishing the body.  I am knitting the 36.25″ size, for the record.

The finished body!

The finished body! Blocking will happen when the sleeves are done.

After finishing the body, I cast on the first sleeve right away so I wouldn’t lose steam or get distracted by another project (I do have a few others on the needles, too).  Despite my apprehension about setting in the sleeves, I am liking this sleeve construction so far.  I like getting the ribbing done first and I like that the rest of the sweater isn’t attached yet so the sleeve is portable and easy to turn.

The beginning of the first sleeve

The beginning of the first sleeve

As you can see in the picture above where there are two balls of yarn attached to my work, I am alternating skeins to avoid pooling and abrupt changes, since I am knitting with a hand-dyed yarn.  I thought it would be annoying to alternate on the sleeves and that it would slow me down a lot, but I am finding it is much better than expected.  I’m not sure why I forgot it wasn’t so bad considering it was not long ago that I finished my Featherweight Bolero out of hand dyed yarn that I alternated throughout.  Anyway, it’s not annoying.  It’s even easier alternating on the sleeves than the body because it is easier to keep the yarns from getting tangled, at least for me, because I was always turning the body in the same direction, but I can alternate with the sleeve.

I’m excited to get these sleeves finished so I can knit the collar and assemble the sweater.  I’m already planning my next two sweaters for this winter, so I have to get cracking!