WIP Wednesday – Slumps Ahoy

I have been in a bit of a knitting slump. For those that know me, this happens every couple of months. I’m a monogamous knitter, and if it gets to the point where I abandon a project to start another, I’m probably never going to go back to the first WIP.

At the beginning of July I made Stonewall and then fell into a slump. I started Pomme de Pin – got the body done and one sleeve, to find that because the sleeves don’t have any shaping (any!?! what?!), my outrageously large poler arms wouldn’t fit. I put it aside to block it to see if that’d work, and instead it’s just been sitting there. It will continue to just sit there, until I can find enough giveafuck to rip out half a lace sleeve and figure out how to insert increases into it. It’ll happen, just give me…a year?

seaboardSlump be damned, I cast on Seaboard with some lime green lace I got on clearance. I wanted to join in on Ravellenics, which I’ve attempted to do before but just never really did much for. While I finished the project, and even blocked it, it’s just so not me. It’ll show up in an adopt-a-knit thread at some point.

Next up was Tubularity. I was pleased that I actually finished and liked a project. Maybe that means I’m getting over my slump? Except…

Rowe is up next. I’m so excited for this (keep your eyes peeled for more info!) that I started swatching – only to find that my swatches are off. Super off. Slump, go away! Go away!

Right now I’m working on Lilli Pilli with yarn leftover from my Crazy Stripes Tee (New Years IRC KAL 2015!) and my Clincher. It’s going to have a lot of modifications because I’m using scraps of a gradient, solid, and variegated. It should work well though!

Already out of the lightest two colors of the gradient.