WIP Wednesday – Starshower

Mornin’ folks! I’ve been having a bit of a day so far (ever have a coffee maker explode coffee all over you??), but would like to share with you my current WIP – Starshower.

Starshower is a shawl-cowl. It’s like having all the benefits of a shawl (pretty, lacy, pretty) without having to figure out what to do with the ends. Just plop over your head with the short edge in the back and boom, stylish. BOOM, I SAY.

Hilary Smith Callis is the queen of the shawl-cowl. I recently made Adama (stay tuned for that FO Friday *cough*), and bought Nimbus as well. Her cowl bundle is full of other options too.

Right now all I’ve got are some pink-dyed fingers and curdled milk unblocked lace. But I look forward to it being beautiful in the end. Here’s to a better rest of the day! (Oh the machine repairman just came, it’s already lookin’ up!)