WIP Wednesday – The least magical place in my house

The yarn section, not very usable

The yarn section, not very usable

My husband and I bought a house a little over a year ago, and it was a really tough time for me. Everything I was working on got packed away and I completely uprooted myself and have been plopped on the other side of town, completely unproductive for the better part of that year. I’m slowly making myself at home in my new surroundings, but my office has been a nightmare world from the very beginning, and currently shows no signs of improving.

It’s almost like I need to improve it manually, weird!

So one of the big things I’m planning and working on is renovating this space and turning it into a home office and creative space for me to go into and relax. I hope you all will enjoy this journey with me… And for the time being, feel good about your own piles of clutter.

In line here are some specific things I’ve decided to do:

closet picture

omg the clutter I can’t even

I’m going to remove this drywall division in the closet (barring unforeseen difficulties) and install an inset computer desk for when I work from home (and someday play Guild Wars again).

messy room

I’m sorry you have to see this nightmare

The tile ledge in the back is going to be removed in favor of a clean, white painted ledge and beadboard combination all around the room. The jutting out here is a feature of our foundation, so that’s staying.

And I’m planning to re-do the built in shelving to be more yarn and fabric friendly. It’s surprisingly deep, so I should be able to get my entire stash and then some into the result.

The other bits and bobbles I’m planning to include are a Murphy style cutting table, a futon, and an endless amount of pinterest organization-y things.

Stay tuned!