So… I did some things in my room! I moved all the boxes out, ripped down the shelves, and checked the closet divider for important bits. I also took some time and took several pictures of the room as-is to help with visualization!

You guys, I am so excited about this progress! What does it mean? Well, it means that it will be totally fine to remove the closet division, as that section of drywall is completely empty. It also means that I can go ahead and start removing the closet hardware and things, because my plan to put a desk in there is completely a go!

I know I will need help to do all the re-vamping I want to do, but there are still several things I can do to prep the room for things like replacing the floor. I can remove the moldings and window treatment. I can drape the room and remove the popcorn. And I can install the planned wainscoting and molding, and caulk the joins. Some of these tasks would certainly be easier with assistance, but I can still be productive on them alone. Which is great!

I don’t often feel empowered to do home improvement alone but so far, this is going really well! My husband hates it when I procrastinate on things because he isn’t around to help me, so I’m doing my best to remember that I am a goddamned capable grownup! I will wait for him to help me on things that are too unwieldy (like flooring installation) or need to be delicate (like molding removal), but mostly I can just as well do it myself.